Our Company’s Mission
Bariatric Advantage is committed to the patients, surgeons, support groups and other allied medical professionals who have dedicated their careers to helping improve the lives of patients affected with obesity. Our philosophy is simple, gather scientific data, provide this data to medical and nutritional experts for their review and analysis, then use this process to guide us in our development of unique nutritional Guide. Finally, we measure and publish the results of the patient experience scientifically through lab and other related tests.
Market Support
This site is dedicated to spreading the word of a healthy Lifestyle. the best way to lose weight and reclaim your health.
After working hard for more than years, Bariatric Guide is now part of many Facebook Communities (Closed groups) with more than 900k people including beginners, Intermediate and experts,
The information provided by nourishedsimply.com and its services are offered for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Visitors to this site should not rely solely on information provided for their own health needs. Specific medical questions and concerns should be presented to your own health care provider.
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